Michael Serpa of Neptune Oyster Teams Up with Wheeler del Torro for Barrio Remixed

Michael Serpa, executive chef at Neptune Oyster, brings his award winning culinary skills to “Barrio,” chef Wheeler del Torro’s latest Cuban themed pop up dinner party.

Cuban cuisine runs in Serpa’s blood. He traces his passion for the kitchen back to his grandfather, father, and two uncles, all Cuban chefs. He began cooking at 13 in his dad’s restaurant in Miami. He cooked his way to the Culinary Institute of America, landing an externship at Todd English’s Olives in New York City, then later to Olives in Charlestown. Serpa now holds the top spot at Neptune Oyster.

Serpa will be combining his Cuban culinary roots with del Torro’s global pop up credentials and fresh approach to vegan fare for a night of exploration within the Cuban cuisine genre. Del Torro seeks to expand on the essence of Caribbean flavors, hues, and spices. Del Torro says, “This is what ‘Barrio’ is all about – encouraging people to explore different parts of their culinary repertoire.”

“Barrio” will open Thursday, March 8th at 8:30 pm. Check out the “Tickets” tab for ticket information.