50 Shades of Grey: The Dinner Party

Chef and pop up restraunteur Wheeler del Torro is taking the sense of illicit secrecy present in his underground events to a new level. He is launching 50 Shades of Grey: The Dinner Party in Vienna July 3rd before promptly embarking on a tour of Berlin July 4th, London July 5th, Paris, July 6th and 7th and Madrid July 8th. The dinner party series explores ancient edible aphrodisiacs and a glimpse into the world of BDSM.

Guests will enjoy a 5-course meal expertly combining aphrodisiac ingredients. The menu features tastes and smells that awaken the senses and sensitize the skin. The elusive black truffle tops the menu.

Chef del Torro’s special dinner guest is a real dominatrix who will share her insider‘s view, answer guests’ questions, and introduce the tools of her trade.

Check back for details of the event. No cameras or cell phones are allowed, but we may let some of the details slip…