Science of Tapas Comes to Boston




A new season, a new food venture. This fall, chef Wheeler del Torro is merging the kitchen and the laboratory in his Science and Tapas classes. The classes are one part science, one part lecture, and several parts tasting the experiments. Class finishes in a multi-course pop up dinner party.

On his quest to explore the inner workings of everyday experiences, Chef del Torro will reveal the scientific facts behind cooking truths. Science and Tapas will investigate heat transfer in food using a Himalayan salt block to demonstrate. He will use Spanish Tapas, a cuisine that has traditionally been associated with social interaction and the exchange of ideas, to demonstrate the many links between foods and science.

After a packed debut in Philadelphia in November, The Science of Tapas will be popping up in Boston on December 8th. For event details and tickets, click below to go to Eventbrite.