Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did I receive an invitation?

One of our goals – after providing a one-of-a-kind dining experience – is to bring together a diverse group of thinkers, creators, and innovators to share ideas. We reach out to academics, artists, writers, doctors, scientists, foodies, chefs and interesting people across many other fields to keep the conversation around the kitchen table flowing.

Who attends your events?

Past events have included university professors, authors, magazine editors, radio program directors, restaurant managers, CEOs, founders of start ups, salon owners, veterinarians, medieval historians, doctors, jewelry designers, bio statisticians, a Nobel laureate, judges and several charming ballerinas. Each event has a unique makeup of guests from a range of disciplines, experiences, and interests.

Join us for dinner to learn something new while making unexpected connections.

Who is Wheeler del Torro?

Wheeler del Torro has built his career connecting people from all walks of life through inventive cuisine and thoughtful subjects. From unmatched pop up dinner parties to informative food lectures, his events encourage guests to learn, share, and break free from the average dining experience. Wheeler uses the freshest of locally sourced ingredients to create innovative dishes that delight the most distinguishing of pallets.

To read more about Wheeler, visit his webpage here.

What will you be serving?

The menu is prix fixe and varies widely with each season, location, and whim of the chef. Plan on several (usually 4) courses around a theme.

For more information about the menu for your event, email

If you have a food allergy, sensitivity, or special diet, please email Rayna at at your earliest convenience. We do our best to make accommodations when possible, but cannot make changes on the day of the event.

Are there any costs at the event?

The cost of the meal is included in the ticket price. Gratuity is not included. Please consider bringing cash if you would like to tip our lovely waitstaff. They are unable to accept card payments.

What is the dress code for your events?

There is not a strict dress code. Most guests wear business casual or a similar level of attire.