Small Bytes relaunches at the French Cultural Center

  Wheeler del Torro is closing out the Barrio season for the summer and relaunching Small Bytes. Small Bytes are an import from the scene of the 1990s. Del Torro’s company launched… Continue reading

Chef Tim Maslow secretly likes vegetarians

So, that may be a stretch. But, he was quite accommodating to our lovely vegans and vegetarians. Spring peas and sunchokes garnered rave reviews from vegans and carnivores alike.

Time Zero, bon bons, and vegan sloppy joes

Saturday we had the pleasure of hosting the official premier party for the new documentary “Time Zero.” Wheeler del Torro put on a special installment of the Barrio pop up for the director, Grant… Continue reading

Dinner Party Essentials: The Soundtrack

The during dinner soundtrack is essential. But what to listen to while setting up your venue? To keep our energy up today while we prepare for our pop up tonight with Wheeler del… Continue reading

Time Weighs in on “Time Zone” Documentary

Check out Harry McCracken’s coverage of the “Time Zero.”

World Premier of “TIME ZERO” in Birthplace of Polaroid Plus Custom Pop Up Premier Party

The world premier of “Time Zero,” a documentary about the last year of Polaroid film, is this Saturday, April 28th at the 10th Annual Independent Film Festival in Boston. Wheeler del Torro has crafted a… Continue reading

Check Out Barrio in Chow Down Beantown

 Check out this lovely article by Michelle Sippelli on last night. Look for the next post about the world premier of “Time Zero”! Get Your Spot For Barrio Pop-Up This Saturday Posted… Continue reading

Pop Up this Saturday with Guest Chef Matt Drummond of Brasserie Jo

Wheeler del Torro and guest chef Matt Drummond of Brasserie Jo will be joining forces on Saturday, April 28th at 9pm. Featured cuisine includes del Torro’s interpretations of classic American cuisine and Drummond’s… Continue reading

Boston’s Sexiest for 2012? Stuff Magazine Says Wheeler del Torro

Pick up a copy of Stuff Magazine to see chef Wheeler del Torro on the Boston Sexiest list for 2012. See him in action at Barrio on April 26th with Former Momofuku Ssam… Continue reading

Barrio Menu in the Works with Ex Momofuku Chef Tim Maslow and Wheeler del Torro

Ex Momofuku chef Tim Maslow, now of Strip T’s, is cooking up a menu with Wheeler del Torro for the upcoming Barrio pop up on Thursday, April 26th. The two chefs recently brainstormed… Continue reading